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Copper is one of the oldest metals found by humans. According to the research, Copper was first used by the new stone age humans in 8000 BC as a substitute for stone. Later the metal copper is molded and humans have been making things from copper for at least 8000 years.

The major part of copper is extracted from its ores. It is one of the few metals that occur in directly usable metallic form. As per the US geological survey, copper is the third-most consumed industrial metal in the world. Copper is widely used in electronics and wiring as it is a very good conductor of heat and electricity. 

Added to that copper is an essential nutrient of our body. It is needed to include copper in the diet. Copper is a vital mineral required for forming red blood cells maintaining the immune system and the nerve cells. The deficiency of copper in our body can affect the body’s functionality and may cause cardiovascular diseases.

Copper production companies in India

Globally, there are currently around 250 operating copper mines and Chile is the world’s largest producer of copper. It has produced an estimated 5.7 metric tons of copper in 2020. Peru and China are the second and third highest copper-producing countries in the world.
India contributes 2% to the world’s copper production. The copper mining in India has a history of 2000 years and currently, 14 states of the country resource the copper production of the country. Major copper ore deposits are located in Singhbhum district (Jharkhand), Balghat district (Madhya Pradesh), and Jhunjhunu and Alwar districts (Rajasthan). In addition, there are small deposits in Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Maharashtra, and West Bengal.

Copper production companies in India

  • National Mineral Development Corporation India
  • Hindustan Zinc Ltd
  • Vedanta
  • Hindalco
  • National Aluminium Company Ltd
  • Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals Limited
  • Hindustan Copper
  • Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd
  • Bharat Aluminium Company
  • Kudremukh Ltd

Products made from copper

Copper is used to make a wide range of products. They include copper cables, Enameled copper wire, Copper rods, Copper sheets, Copper tubes, Copper conductors, Copper lugs, Copper plates, Copper Terminals, and many other useful products.

The benefit of Drinking water through copper bottle 

Since age-old time, people have been habitual to the traditional way of storing the water in the copper vessel. This way they are ensuring the intake of the maximum benefit of the copper. Even though this practice of drinking water from the copper bottle was went-off the spotlight for quite some time. But Lately, people are have become more conscious of their health and ringing back this habit to life.

Copper contains Antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Through the oligodynamic effect, copper releases ions in water and derives numerous health benefits along with water.

Here are some of the health benefits of drinking water from the copper vessel.

  • Storing drinking water in a copper vessel improves the immune system, aid digestion, decrease wound healing times, and even boost your tan.
  • Other claimed health benefits of copper water bottles include improved joint health, iron absorption, thyroid health, and better digestion.
  • If one of your resolutions is to drink more water or perhaps use less plastic, you might give a try to purchase a reusable water bottle.

Copper, as an essential nutrient for all living beings

Bacteria Killing on contact property of copper

  • Copper does actually have very potent antibacterial properties
  • Now in hospitals, there are many successful trials where they replace touch surfaces — door handles, light switches — with copper or copper alloys,
  • If bacteria come into contact with the surface they die really rapidly. It’s called contact killing
  • The earliest recorded medical use of copper is from around 4,500 years ago, where it was described as being used to sterilize wounds and drinking water
  • Before we had antibiotics — before we even knew what bacteria were — we already knew that copper had this ‘magical quality that stopped diseases,” says Assistant Professor Djoko
  • Washing copper vessels daily recommended