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Training & Consulting

Classroom training for Digital marketing is more like a mandate in training institutes. All the students are taught together and as the demand is high with supply of experts being low, 1:25 or 50 is the average Teacher-student ratio. The experts hence lack the bandwidth to provide individual attention.

How can this be changed? 

By training 5 to 7 students at a time. Providing them with unilateral attention and multifaceted [ a huge spectrum of knowledge] training.

Why True Heart Company?

We at True Heart Company believe in quality education and that our trainer to student ratio will always be maintained at 1:5 to 7 so as to provide quality result-oriented training with meticulous monitoring.

Our consulting is focussed on generating results for our clients, hence whilst understanding the customer persona we have been able to device certain aspects that we unique to True Heart Company.

Our Training & Consulting services include:

  1. Training on Digital Marketing 
  2. Website Planning and Creation 
  3. Lead generation for Businesses
  4. Creating an Internal Marketing strategy 
  5. Online display advertising  

Key Features:

  1. Customer-centric approach 
  2. Easy communication coupled with transparent solutions
  3. Personalized training on current market trends and approaches 
  4. Quick and Industry ready software solutions