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Software Testing


Software testing is a process of having a keen eye for detail, identifying those bugs and fixing them, making sure they don’t recur. Testing a software is putting it through rigorous scrutiny of hawk eyed testers who perform procedural checks to ensure the software is easy to use and functions impeccably.

Why True Heart Company?

Software testing requires a highly technical skillset. Most companies who outsource their software testing to an agency or a consultant face some challenges. To resolve those challenges True Heart Company adheres to certain policies and procedures to achieve the below.

  1. Transparency at all times.
  2. Clear communication between the client, project manager and the testing team.
  3. Software is tested so a layman can decipher the software making it user-friendly.
  4. The testing Team will forefront the process making it easy for the end-user to comprehend the software.
  5. Before the end-user has access to the software, Functionality / procedural checks are made by the testing team.

Our Software testing services include:

  1. Functionality testing
  2. Integration testing
  3. System testing 
  4. Acceptance testing
  5. Performance testing
  6. Security testing
  7. Devising a test plan 
  8. Formulating a test script 

Key Features:

  1. An experienced technical team at your service 
  2. Advanced testing services 
  3. Safe, Secure and Hassle-free software