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Event Assistance

When you live far away from your family and you have a personal event in your hometown with guests arriving at various dates and times, there is so much coordination to be done. Imagine having to entrust all of these on a family member who already has enough work on his/her plate to do. Exactly where we, True Heart Company come into play.


We take care of your guests, their luggage, end-to-end preparation for the event, all of it, or even one of them. We offer a bouquet of assistance services that you can choose from. The ala carte services help you in fulfilling your essential things to be done in a convenient, affordable, organized, and responsible manner.

Why True Heart Company?

How many times have you wondered if you have had a sibling in your hometown near your parents to ready your dream event before you even arrive for it?

Or have you ever thought how much can you ask your cousin or even your brother to work on your event?

That is why True Heart Company is here to take care of the little things that seem insignificant but require constant organized attention. Your worry of obligation or overburdening us with nitty-gritty should never bother you because we are geared up to handle it all. 

We are your trusted family for all the errands you wanted to run before, during, and after your personal event. Assisting you at every step of the way!

Key Features:

  1. A caring team who understands your needs
  2. A team that gels with your family.
  3. Creating a comfort of having your own family during your events.
  4. Assisting you with odd and not so- odd jobs!